Born Again

Dakota Adams lives a simple, uncomplicated life. She’s a born again Christian, in a long term relationship with a respectable man, and she’s just about to start a new job. She’s come a long way…

But her life is thrown off course when she learns that her new boss is the notorious Naomi Pierre, aka The Glacier Queen. The two women get off to a bad start, something Dakota just can’t seem to put right. And she’s desperate to, because Naomi has woken something in her that’s making her question everything, namely her sexuality. She’s going to get a rebirth of a different kind…

Winning Naomi’s heart won’t be easy, not when there are others vying for the beautiful woman’s affections. And not when Dakota’s battling her own demons that have suddenly resurfaced.

Her simple life’s about to get very complicated.

Born Again is a steamy lesbian romance/drama.


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