Crave Series

When Nikki Cox-Everett gets a phone call from her estranged father telling her that he’s engaged, she discovers that her future stepmother is none other than her ex-girlfriend Angel. She’s that one unforgettable ex that no other woman can compare to in the bedroom. And she isn’t quite done with Nikki yet.

There’s just one small problem: Nikki is happily married to another woman, and they have a child together. She has the perfect life. Surely she wouldn’t risk it all for a nostalgic fling?

Crave: Nikki’s Story is the first book in the Crave series, a 2-part lesbian drama.

When Faye Cox-Everett discovers that her wife of five years has been having an affair, her world slowly begins to crumble. She knows it will be a while before she can forgive her, but she’s willing to try – for the sake of their marriage and their daughter.

However, it soon becomes clear that her wife, Nikki, isn’t ready to give up her mistress just yet. What Faye initially thought was a fling, turns out to be more serious; more permanent.

Now she has to do the hardest thing she’s ever had to do: Rebuild her life without the woman she loves.

Crave: Faye’s Story is the second book in the Crave series, a 2-part lesbian drama.

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