Service Girl Chronicles

Twenty-two year old Erica Frost has a problem: she’s been accepted into one of the best drama schools in the world, but she’s just learned that her parents are broke! Luckily, all her tuition was put in a trust. Her living expenses, however, are another thing entirely.

With only two months to go before the course starts, she needs to earn money, and lots of it, fast. So when she sees an ad seeking an escort for a group of bored, rich housewives, it’s an offer she simply can’t refuse.

The job is the easy part. Keeping her emotions out of it might be a little trickier.

At Her Service is the first book in the Service Girl Chronicles.

Now that her first year of drama school is over, Erica returns home for the holidays, with empty pockets and a keen appetite to see her favorite clients again. One in particular.

But there’s a spanner in the works. Having been out of action for almost a year, she returns to find that a new girl has taken her place. Not only will this affect her ability to earn, she’s concerned that her special place in Dana’s heart could be under threat.

As she continues to juggle love, family and her risque career, it’s only a matter of time before everything around her begins to unravel.

Back in Service is the second book in the Service Girl Chronicles.

Following her bust-up with the people she loves, Erica is left picking up the pieces of her broken heart. London and drama school were once her sanctuary, but while there, she makes a startling decision and heads back to Chicago with a new objective. 
Determined to make a success of herself, she reaches out to one of her favorite clients for help. She’ll need to work her butt off, literally, in order to finance her brand new venture. This means one final stint as an escort, something she’s more than happy to do.

When the opportunity to make amends with her estranged friends and family comes along, she’s prepared to take it. The chance to start afresh with someone unexpected might also be on the cards, but first she’ll have to get over Dana, once and for all. Which proves difficult, not just because they keep bumping into each other, but because it’s no longer clear who can’t keep away from whom…

Out of Service is the third book in the Service Girl Chronicles.

It took her two years to get here, but Erica finally has everything she’s ever wanted: the woman of her dreams, a beautiful home, and she’s about to make her first movie. Happily ever after now looks obtainable.
Putting the past behind her is going to be a challenge, however, not just for her, but for her new girlfriend. There are too many reminders, too many skeletons in the closet, too many things standing in their way. And not everyone’s happy for the new couple…

Erica’s about to learn a valuable lesson: getting everything you want means you have everything to lose.

After Service is the fourth and final book in the Service Girl Chronicles.

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