Before You Were Mine

After the intercity bus she’s traveling on crashes into a bridge, Abigail wakes up in a hospital in Utah with no memory of who she is.
Unsure of when, or even if, her memory will return, she settles into her new life in Oakwood, where she meets Tiffany, a nurse she befriends while hospitalized.

Abby knows it would be unwise to get involved with someone while her past is still a blur, so she tries to ignore her growing feelings for the beautiful woman. But as the two grow closer, and things get serious between them, Abby is finally ready to put her unknown past to bed…

Which might be a problem for James, her husband of two years. She doesn’t remember him, but he certainly remembers her. And when her memory does come back, she’ll be forced to choose between her old love and her new one.

Before You Were Mine is a steamy lesbian romance novel set in the 90’s.